Yusa Unit 2 Collective Agreement

Decent work is about creating opportunities that provide a fair income, a fair working environment and a professional activity for workers. Labour activists have long advocated for job stability and workers` right to social and economic development. yusapuy.ca/2020-yusapuy-bursary-application-now-on…/ YUSAPUY has two negotiating committees for Group 1 and Group 2 members. Bargaining committees are elected by members and are responsible for preparing and opening negotiations with the employer to negotiate the working conditions of the membership, as described in the YUSAPUY collective agreements. >> Who is a member of the standing committees of YUSAPUY: yusapuy.ca/contact/standing-committees/ We are so pleased that members have taken this opportunity to improve their health and professional life. Space is limited, so please confirm your participation. Participation is based on a first-come-first-service basis. We look forward to an excellent training and the opportunity to meet new faces. yusapuy.ca/yusapuy-candidates-second-statements/ >> What is the Constitutional and Political Committee? yusapuy.ca/…/constitution-policy-committee-terms-r…/ Please refer to the full text of the collective agreements: yusapuy.ca/members/agreements/ The Labour Evaluation Committee is tasked by the YUSAPUY committee to participate in the work evaluation process, including the rating positions within the Joint Labour Assessment Committees, to ensure that the employment evaluation process is fair to YUSAPUY members. YUSAPUY and YorkU offer training to ensure that committee members are able to apply evaluation criteria, as outlined in the training manual for the joint evaluation of York/YusApuY professions and in accordance with YUSAPUY`s collective agreements…. Read the backgrounder (PDF) of York University All-Union Pension Group (YUPG).

. New details on workout with YUSA by Kerrianne Brown. . Depending on the situation, there may not be any specific benefits. Please call the Union office if you have any questions about your benefits. . All YUSAPUY members are invited to participate in the general meeting. The general meeting of YUSAPUY 2020 is tomorrow! All YUSAPUY members are invited to participate in the general meeting. Unit 1, 12-2 p.m.

Unit 2 Members, 14:30-15:30 >> Sign up here: forms.gle/FFGDLok6RMYord4u7 According to Article 5, neither YUSAPUY nor York will strike or lockout while the collective agreement is in force. If York U employees who are not members of YUSAPUY go on legal strike or are blocked, YUSAPUY members are not required to work by these employees. . The Health and Safety Committee is made up of members of YUSAPUY Divisions 1 and 2, appointed to the committee by the YUSAPUY Executive Board. The Committee`s mission is to promote change in the workplace to support a safe and healthy environment. Read the yupg proposal for a letter of intent (PDF). Here are the candidates YUSAPUY the second statements for the next vote. Remember your employees to register for the 2020 YUSAPUY General Meeting! The deadline for the meeting is Monday, October 12 at 12:00 p.m. . The nominating committee helps recruit members to engage as union officials such as stewards, committee members or elected positions. The nominating committee also oversees procedures for YUSAPUY and by-elections.