Traduccion De Grant Agreement

For calls for proposals published each year until 2020, applicants can apply for two-year projects for which the maximum grant per project is EUR 100,000 for both years. The scheme provides grants to eligible publishers to co-finance the translation, publication and promotion of a « package » of at least 3 and 10 works of fiction at most. Translation must be carried out from and in eligible languages and the source or target language must be officially recognised in an EU Member State or EFTA country. For the previously published calls for proposals, the applicants submitted a request for a Three-Year Partnership Framework Agreement (VPA) for up to EUR 100,000 per year. The aim of the Literary Translation Programme is to promote the transnational dissemination of literature and its diversity in Europe and beyond and to broaden the audience of quality translated books. The translation and promotion of less widely used language books in English, French, German or Spanish is encouraged, as they increase the visibility of books in Europe and beyond. The translation of books for which the authors have won the EU Literature Prize is also encouraged. The coronavirus epidemic – the deadlines to support literary translation projects 2020 applications have been extended . The programme is open to publishers and publishers whose existence in the EU or other countries participating in the Creative Europe programme is established in the EU or in other countries. Depending on the year in which the call is made, two types of contract duration and support are available: