Sample Operation And Maintenance Agreement

(1) What reports should be made on a regular basis? (2) What needs to be dealt with in the reports – it depends on the amount of participation the Authority wishes to have in the services. (3) How many times do I have to create accounts? (4) Are these accounts audited? (5) Is there a need for an inventory of spare parts? (6) Is there an asset registry? Does it already exist? If not, how long will the operator be able to prepare one? (7) Does the agreement provide that the Authority (and, if applicable, lenders) have the right to access the operator`s facilities and documents for inspection and audit purposes? Operating and maintenance agreements should relate to all levels of performance achieved by the EPC contractor at the time of delivery. These defined values, adjusted for deterioration, should establish the basis for the operator`s service obligations. For example, for an energy project, it is imperative that technical and legal consultants ensure that the performance review and performance guarantee as well as the liquidated claims plans of the agreement are recovered with the corresponding schedules of the work contract. The description of the operator`s obligations is often complex and requires project management and significant technical know-how to list it. A simpler approach is to describe the requirements of the operator in general and to link them to the performance results required in the agreement and to incorporate all that is necessary and incidental to this service. (1) Does the agreement provide guarantees for the parent company? (It depends on the identity of the operator and its parent element.) 2. Is the parent company of the operator the ultimate parent company? 3. Does the parent company provide compensation or oblige the guarantors to take over and execute the agreement if the operator does not? (If this is the case, this may be unsatisfactory, as it may be necessary to identify the offence and invite the guarantors to the benefit). Do the guarantees provide for a formulation that the liability of the surety cannot be more engaged than the operator under the agreement? 4. 5. Is the form of the parent company in control of the authority, i.e. is the form of the parent company attached to the agreement or does it have to be approved by the Authority? (6) Does the agreement provide for performance obligations? Are they payable on request or if there is a proven delay? (7) Does the authority have to approve the identity of the issuer of the service obligations? Are the terms of the Authority`s obligations or authorisation subject to the agreement? (8) The terms of the parent company`s obligations or guarantees contain all the usual guarantees that an authority would seek, for example.B.