Joint Author Agreement

See 17 U.S.C 201 (c). If the collective author wishes to include the underlying works in a different way from the three categories mentioned above, he must obtain express permission from any copyright holder. Although the author of the collective compilation may not own copyright on any of the individual parts, the special selection and organization of the constituent materials may be protected by copyright if it is sufficiently creative. If two or more authors make a significant contribution to a work, each does so with the intention of creating a single work, the work is « written in common. This evaluation list is provided to inform you of this document and to help you in your preparation. It is a simple and non-intimidating agreement to protect and protect the rights of the parties who have co-wrote any work of intellectual property. It can be used for fiction, fiction books, software and a variety of other projects of this type. The second reason why a cooperation agreement is necessary is the typical provisions of a publishing contract which states that « if there are several authors for this agreement, all are collectively called « authors » and the rights, obligations and commitments of the author are jointly responsible. » and: If an author does not meet the required obligations, the publisher has the right to sue with the other author without obligation to the author in difficulty. Control and authorization. Business control (z.B.

who is responsible for the research and authorisation of bookstores?) and editorial issues (for example. B who is authorized to approve the final draft of the work or to authorize revisions?) critical or central issues. In cases where there are more than two authors, unanimity may be required for certain decisions (for example. B approval of the original publication contract). Other decisions may require a simple majority. In addition, parties may grant an author permission rights for certain decisions (for example. B the selection of a literary agent or publishing lawyer) provided that that person has superior knowledge and experience in such cases. Action element! If one party retains the right to authorize the manuscript, the other party should endeavour to impose appropriate restrictions, such as. B the ability to correct the manuscript in .

B 30 days after receiving the other party`s comments. One way to avoid conflicts over what constitutes a satisfactory manuscript is to refer to the book proposal adopted. A typical layout may look like this: If you are a co-author, you have the same interest in copyright with other authors, regardless of your actual contribution to the work.