Adobe Acrobat End User License Agreement

This agreement, in particular Section 16.1.2, is intended to describe the client`s rights (including legal rights) in the event of a problem with the use of the software. If the client`s legal rights exceed this description, his legal rights apply. 14.1.1 When the software establishes an Internet connection and communicates with an Adobe website, either automatic or as a result of an express request from the user, the privacy statement applies. Adobe`s privacy policy tracks website visits and details the tracking and use of cookies, web tags and similar devices. You don`t need discs to install Adobe Reader – just uninstall it (depending on the operating system, the methods differ) and download a new copy -> – and install it. You should receive the ACU once, then everything should go smoothly, with Reader`s Internet plug-ins being installed simultaneously. 4.9. The customer may only use the software to access Adobe`s online services in the territory and in accordance with the activation policy described Adobe may terminate the license or suspend membership or access to Adobe Online services if Adobe discovers that the customer is using the software or adobe Online Services outside the territory. 16.5.5 Compensation.

The client undertakes to compensate Adobe and all relevant certification bodies (except for provisions expressly provided in its terms and conditions) for any debt, loss, claim, damage or claim (including all reasonable fees, fees and legal fees) arising from or related to the client`s use or confidence in a service provided by that authority, including, but not limited to: a) confidence in an expired or revoked certificate; (b) incorrect verification of a certificate, (c) the use of a certificate other than permitted by applicable terms and conditions, this agreement or applicable law; (d) not to make an appropriate judgment in the circumstances, in which they refer to the issuer`s services or certificates; or (e) non-compliance with the obligations required in the conditions relating to services. The customer recognizes that the software is subject to the rules of the U.S. Export Administration (« EAR ») and that the customer complies with the EAR. The customer will not export or re-export the software directly or indirectly to the following countries: (a) countries submitted to the United States. export restrictions (including in Cuba, iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria), (b) any end consumer who knows or has reason to do so will use them in the design, development or production of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missile systems, launchers and sound missiles or unmanned aircraft systems, or (c) any end-user who has been prohibited from participating in the United States.