24 Cfr 982 Repayment Agreement

The agreement sets out the conditions of occupancy of the member`s cooperative housing by the member`s family in housing allowances paid to the cooperative under a PAH contract between the cooperative and the PHA. For the purposes of this Part 982, the co-operative is the « owner » of Division 8 of the unit and the member of the co-operative is Division 8 « Lessee ». (vii) If the family violates an agreement with the PHA, it is due to a PHA or amounts paid by a PHA to an owner. (The PHA may, at its discretion, offer a family the opportunity to enter into an agreement to pay amounts due to an PHA or an amount equal to that paid by an PHA to an owner. The PHA may prescribe the terms of the agreement.) Accounting grant. A form of property assistance in the housing option: a single acomplement subsidy for the family. When a family receives an allowance, a PHA cannot pay monthly housing allowances for the family. A deconting subsidy applies to the accounting for the purchase of the home or to the reasonable and customary acquisition costs necessary for the purchase of the home. 2. The landlord`s practice is to charge such penalties for assisted and unin assisted tenants; and 1. The amount of the monthly housing allowance paid by the PHA to the owner is determined by the PHA in accordance with huD rules and other requirements. The amount of the housing allowance may vary during the term of the PAH contract. (b) the obligation to refuse permission or terminate assistance.

1. For units comparable on the non-subsidised private market; and (iii) whether a PHA has already terminated assistance under the family member programme. Renewal units. The number of units defined by HUD for which funding in HUD books is reserved for a PHA program. This figure shall be used to calculate the renewal budgetary authority in accordance with Article 982.102. (B) PHA housing assistance paid to the owner. 1. Grounds for refusal or cessation of aid. The PHA may at any time refuse to support an applicant`s program or terminate assistance to a participant`s program for any of the following reasons: ongoing support. An applicant receives ongoing support under the 1937 Act when the family is already receiving support under a program under the 1937 Act, when the family is admitted to the HCV program. (v) if the family currently leases or other amounts to the PHA or another PHA under Section 8 or the Public Housing Allowance under the 1937 Act. .